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Uganda on wheels foundation

On 11 February 2011 the Uganda on wheels foundation is officially established. The reason for this creation is the accommodation of Anita Aarts as a volunteer in Uganda.

In 2010 Anita worked for 6 months as a volunteer in the district of Mukono.
She brought wheelchairs to Uganda and tried to localized and visited disabled children in the villages.
Children who are mentally able to learn, but could not visit the school, because they had no transportation to go to school.

She gave those children a wheelchair, so they could follow education and that is the basis for a better future!

Anita went back to Uganda in 2012 to see what her visit in 2010 has brought. She saw that the children actually went to school and learned to speak English.
So her visit to Uganda made a difference! Therefore she decided to keep on support disabled children to help them to school.



Uganda on wheels has the goal to improve the health, living conditions, the social position and well-being of disabled and other disadvantaged children in Uganda.


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